"Glimpses about electric and electronic impressions"

"Electric Impressions"
Is divided into two categories, whose intense artistic treatment shows artistic curiosity and a fascination for the bizarre. "one of the themes interested me, with the other one I was confronted almost daily and therefore needed to work on it " the painter says. " It started from the understanding that a considerable amount of impression today comes by means of electronic media. Telephone and television have strongly affected human communication. A quite young variant of iterpersonal relationships is telephone sex which seems to get quite popular these days told by the nightly commercials on private tv stations." Not the theme of telephone sex itself is the focal point of Ana de Medeiros' images which almost shine by the use of unmixed colors, but the inner turmoil and isolation associated with it.

Extract from Artur, Magazine of Art and Culture, Augsburg 1995
This excerpt only covers the telefon sex theme.